Women of Kairos helps women from every socio-economic group launch into their purpose through mentoring, conferences and networking.

In 2012, Yewande O'Neal (Founder W.O.K.), was led to the word "Kairos".  An ancient Greek word meaning "the moment when everything happens; the appointed time of God !"

Women Reached

Learning Opportunities

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Our Approach


Healing from past hurts...

Emotional Healing

We all have a past. Every second we are alive there is a part of our life story that is written. Through specific customized programs, we help young women heal from past life controlling issues.


Finding your identity...

Identity & Image

Understanding your Identity - who you are, is the foundation for understanding why you were created. We work with young women on identity.

Servant Leadership

Leaders are only as good as their teams. We help young women identify their leadership ability and how to serve others through their leadership.


Finding your purpose and moving into it through...

Workforce Development 

We each have talents and skills in different areas. We provide young women with the training needed to translate those talents and skills to successful long term careers.

Financial Literacy 

Achieving financial peace is a catalyst to creating a sustainable life. We provide women with financial tools to live a purpose driven life.