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  Redemption Redemption speaks of another chance. Redemption is the only reason why I am here today. I have fallen many times, I have failed many times, life has kicked my butt many times, but because of the power of redemption, specifically the redemptive life of Jesus working in me and through me, I have always been able to…

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Restoration Restoration comes from another word, Rest. Until you are restored you will always feel like you’re struggling, you’re running, you’re laboring, and you’re missing something. Restoration speaks of becoming complete, sound, and whole. The people of Israel used a word in the Hebrew, Shalom to describe this soundness, nothing missing, nothing lacking, nothing broken or in other words Peace.…

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What do I say? Well I feel a lot of emotions. Happy, sad, upset, hope, joy, expectation. It’s been a journey. A ride. Almost a year ago at this time I was at this point with him yet he ended things. This time it ended and WE concluded. I prayed and prayed and agonized and…

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