small fires

I used to try to justify myself,

insisting that I do the best I can.

But with every word as I spoke, I fell further

and deeper

beneath man’s curse.

Each fire fell from my mouth like flames from Hell,

encirculating me in condemnation

created by my smallest member:

the tongue.

James said,

“The tongue is a deadly weapon,

a world of unrighteousness, iniquity,

incapable of being tamed or controlled.”

Jesus says,

“Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.”


a new tongue can only come from a new heart.

I’ll always fall short of God’s glory and holiness.

So I hide behind the word of God: Jesus.

For my words alone could never justify,

but you speak a better word than Abel’s blood.

Jesus Christ,

with you are the words of life.

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