Finding Scholarships


Scholarships are gifts in form of money that does not need to be paid back. Typically scholarships are usually offered to individuals who meet certain requirements and occasionally scholarships are awarded based off random selection.

Tips on finding scholarships
1.) Begin searching and applying for scholarships early and take notice of scholarship deadlines!

2.) Talk to your academic advisor and guidance counselor for advice and assistance with scholarship search/application.

3.) Google has all the answers! When stuck, confused or have questions, never forget to search the web. The web has various blogs and tips that can assist you when it comes to scholarship searches.

4.) Perseverance is key! Finding scholarships can a bit tedious and overwhelming however stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize. Be sure to keep all old essays and scholarship materials, as they may become helpful for other scholarship opportunities!

Use these links below to search and apply for scholarships: