College Application Checklist

Preparing for college can be quite overwhelming. A college application checklist has been created as a guide for students to use to keep track of all of your college application deadlines, tasks and requirements.

College Application Checklist

Sophomore/Junior Year (High School)

Remember, ‘the early bird gets the worm’!

 Visit the Career Center at your school and talk to a counselor to ensure you are on the right track for graduation.

 Participate in community service activities

 Begin college research and embark on college visits

 Create preliminary list of your top schools

 Register and begin studying for SAT/ACT

 Go to prospective schools’ website and download admissions application and begin drafting up college essays.

 Start identifying teachers, coaches, mentors, etc. for letters of recommendation                  ____________________________________________________________________________

 Continue to study and work hard in your classes. Remember: colleges look at GPAs!

Senior Year (High School)

Continue to be proactive!

 Identify all extracurricular activities (Include leadership positions, offices held, etc.)

 Begin finalizing all essays and be sure to get them proofread by at least 2 people.

 Submit all college applications and pay application fees. Remember to keep in mind the Early and Regular Application deadlines.

 Request high school transcripts to be sent to the college

 Request recommendation letters from the list of trusted individuals.

 Send a thank-you note (via mail, email or phone call) to those who wrote a recommendation letter

 Check application status page or call colleges to confirm receipt of all application materials

 Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at (

 Upon receipt of acceptance letter, remember to accept admission by the requested deadline

 Research and apply for scholarships you are qualified for.

Summer (After Graduation)

You’re Almost There!

 Complete ongoing enrollment paperwork for your college

 Work with parents or guardian on a financial plan or budget. Where will your money come from? Who pays for what?

 Make a list of what you will need to take to college (coordinate with your roommate(s), if any, to avoid having two of everything).

 Be sure to call the college admissions office if you encounter any roadblocks or have any questions along the way!


Click link to view complete checklist: College Application Checklist