Redemption Redemption speaks of another chance. Redemption is the only reason why I am here today. I have fallen many times, I have failed many times, life has kicked my butt many times, but because of the power of redemption, specifically the redemptive life of Jesus working in me and through me, I have always been able to…

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It was sometime a few years ago when the wrestling started in my spirit. Why was I here? What did all this life mean? I recalled that night when my whole life changed. You see much of my 20’s was focused on moving up in the business world. I wanted to achieve many worldly goals…

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What do I say? Well I feel a lot of emotions. Happy, sad, upset, hope, joy, expectation. It’s been a journey. A ride. Almost a year ago at this time I was at this point with him yet he ended things. This time it ended and WE concluded. I prayed and prayed and agonized and…

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