Bernadette Maulion18

Bernadette Joy - Speaker

Bernadette was raised to believe life was to work for 45 years and wait until she retired to do all the dreamy things. She had a six-figure corporate job, a fancy NYC apartment and was doing everything she thought she was supposed to do. Except, Bernadette was miserable.

So, she became a nerd with a very specific obsession - making and saving money to earn the lifestyle she thought she had to wait until retirement for. Bernadette quit her corporate job, studied entrepreneurship around the world, aggressively paid off all debt and started a business Dressed (also debt free).

Nowadays, Bernadette has the fun and freedom to teach others everything she learned along the way about career, small business and personal finance through live talks, social media (@crushthisdebt), YouTube and The Bernadette Joy Podcast!


Callie Colwick - Speaker

At age 27 and four months pregnant Callie began experiencing complications. She was told that her baby boy was coming very soon and that he would not survive. After spending the next two weeks in the hospital on bed rest Callie came down with a severe infection in the womb and went into septic shock the day after Christmas.
She experienced respiratory and multiple organ failure and was quickly placed on life support.Callie was given virtually no chance to survive. She spent over a year in the hospital, losing both legs below the knee, half of her left hand, and underwent countless other surgeries and procedures.
Now on the path of recovery Callie is relearning how to walk with prosthetic legs and adapt to a new world. Her positivity and hope in spite of her traumatic past is captivating. She seeks to help anyone who is struggling with difficulties see that there is beauty in brokenness.
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Yewande O'Neal - Speaker

Yewande O’Neal is passionate about Jesus Christ, family and people. Her life verse is Matthew 6:33. She has seen this verse active and transformative in her life.

She spent over 14 years working in various fortune 500 companies. She earned numerous awards and certifications, including becoming a C-Suite Executive at a young age. Even with all the success and status, she quickly learned that life meant nothing without knowing why you were created.

Yewande's story became her passion  which fueled her purpose: Challenging and developing others to become all that they were created to be! She believes we all have a story. How are you using yours to change the world? You never know who's on the other side of your story!


Gina Maria - Artist

Gina Maria is a lover of Jesus, pasta, and people. Originally a Northeast Native, now an Atlanta transplant for about a year, Gina is equal parts writer, singer, and worshiper.

Gina is a songwriter and on the worship team at Renovation, her home church in Atlanta; and she released her first self-titled EP, along with a collection of personal letters.

But most importantly: she is passionate about seeing God’s spirit set His daughters free from the shackles of shame and fear!